• Super Bright LED Source with Photometric Design for Rectangular beam pattern
  • Hi Intensity, Hi Uniformity And Glare Eliminated light. 
  • Module integrated Design, Long life, easy maintenance.
  • No hassle for Bulb replacement, perfect roads,
  • Expressways, highways. 
  • Eliminates the visual fatigue which is caused by traditional street lights. 
  • Hi collar index (>75) tremendous energy saving
  • Compared to traditional lamp totally green. No lead, no mercury and no pollution.


Rated voltage: Solar power6volt, 3 watts
Charging time: 8 hours insolar
Using time: 8 hours (Approx.)
Rechargeable battery: 6v 4.5 ah (Sealed lead acid)

Advantages of LED Lighting 

  • Low power consumption 
  • Long life (100,000 hours) 
  • Efficient and rugged 
  • No blackening (unlike CFL Tubes) 
  • More environmentally friendly than CFL: no mercury used in manufacture 
  • Waterproof 
  • Vibration and shockproof 
  • Very low maintenance